It’s the year 2022, people! So don’t tell me you are not blogging yet.

Why blog at all, you are asking me? My reply would be that you will be able to shape your ideas better through blogging. Simultaneously, you will build a considerable online presence, make an impact and broaden your connections for free! 

And listen, especially in the era of social media, when you can share your blog with 300 million monthly active Twitter users just by one click, why not try?!

If you are not persuaded yet, keep reading to see the simplicity of the process.

traffic from twitter

Cornerstones of driving traffic to your blog from Twitter 

Driving traffic to your blog is not nuclear science, especially when social media platforms attract this many people. You can start bit by bit. For instance, share the link to your blog among your Twitter friends and relatives. Subsequently, it will move beyond your close circle. 

What is important is to turn blogging and its promotion into a habit! Do it on a daily, weekly basis! 

Tweeting and retweeting is not a sin. 

Thank God Twitter hasn’t put any ban on our account, so make use of this opportunity! 

Imagine you have written a blog post about global warming – a trending topic. Therefore, you will find many popular hashtags to add to your tweet! In your tweets, don’t forget to mention celebrities, professors, politicians, or anyone famous for their work in this domain. 

Driving traffic from Twitter

On the day of publishing, draft 3-5 tweets linked to the blog post that you will be sharing at different times during the day. 

What I like to do is to extract quotes from the writing and build my tweets around it! Also, data shows that quotes are receiving 50% more retweets

But there’s a kicker, and can you guess what it is?

Your overall Twitter activity and impression plays a crucial role for your content to reach out to a broader audience. It would be best if you were friendly to everyone:

  • Like others’ activity
  • Join the discussions under the tweets of others;
  • Retweet others’ tweets;

I assure you that the Twitter community is amicable too. If you’re active under someone else’s tweet, wait for the reciprocity. 

Additionally, you can be straightforward and ask others to retweet your tweet. Finally, don’t forget to mention and thank those who engaged with your tweet in any form. 

Oh, wait, how could I forget?!

Please, be intriguing in your tweets! In that case, you will entice followers to go beyond your mere tweet and check all the text in your blog!  

Driving traffic from Twitter elon musk

Repurposing your blog content

“Rome was not built in a day,” they say! So it would be best if you continuously work on your blog’s content to adapt it to Twitter. In other words:

  • Look for popular keywords on Twitter and use them in your blog post;
  • Use infographics, tables, statistical analysis in your blogpost;
  • Employ more visuals, such as videos and images;
  • Organise interviews on your blogs with celebrities and share them;

And the good news?

The above content is loved on Twitter. Thus, use it to get more engagements! 

If you are not a guru in visuals, you can use platforms like Canva to design your images. Also, look into Fiverr to find someone who will create colourful content for a symbolic payment.


Getting ready to receive traffic from Twitter 

It is essential to realise that you need to organise your blog nicely if you decide to promote your blog. 

No amateur blogging anymore, do you hear me?

Apart from promoting your blog and driving traffic from Twitter, look into enhancing the content of your website and retaining your visitors. Give them something valuable!

Of course, one of the crucial things is your blog post’s structure, style, and grammar. There are many valuable platforms out there to help you, such as Grammarly, Yoast, etc. They will help verify your grammar, your tone to match your audience and that the text is easy to read.   

Optimise, optimise, optimise 

Above we briefly talked about optimising your content to make it more alluring and shareable on Twitter.

Let’s dig a little deeper! 

Have you thought about how reliable your CMS is? Again, it is about securing your data and the experience your visitors will be having on your page. In my opinion, there are three top CMS services you can consider using: WordPress, Ghost and Squarespace!

Man with yellow shirt

While preparing to produce posts on your blog, you need to know who your audience is! Very frequently, we may want to put our chaotic ideas into writing! As a result, we might reach different interest groups, but why would they revisit our blog?

In my opinion, they want to find answers and their virtual soulmate, but our individuality cannot resonate with everyone! So we need to think of the audience we want to have and address their expectations in our writings! 

Another critical point is to find trendy keywords and topics to express your uniqueness. Believe me, it is possible!  Just go to Google Trends to match your interests with the trends. Ultimately, you will see increased interest when you share it on Twitter. 

Driving traffic from Twitter

Social sharing is yet another little trick that you can use to drive traffic to your blog. It is when you highlight a quote from your writing and encourage readers to share it on Twitter. If you’re using WordPress for your blog, follow this simple guide to add the “click to tweet” plugin to your blog.

The last swing of the magic wand 

Blogging and tweeting have endless potential and features. 

For example, include a link to a specific post or overall blog in your “Bio“. Then, remember to devise another tweet, calling your followers to follow those links! 

Driving traffic from Twitter

After you have sincerely invested your skills into devising good content on your blog, consider growing traffic from Twitter via ads. Twitter ads are not as expensive as you might think. On the other hand, rest assured that the reach out and traffic you will get will repay all related bills. You can also employ services like 50 Pound Social to do all that promotional work for you!

And last but not least, check Twitter Analytics, which measures every aspect of your activity on Twitter! 

To sum up, if you haven’t yet started blogging, 2022 is the best year for it! Everyone is waiting for your content to go online! So start building your online identity from today, and don’t forget to tweet about it!