If you’re an entrepreneur, manager, or salesperson, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for connecting with potential customers and clients. 

It’s also an excellent way to market yourself and your company. However, without solid strategies to get more views on LinkedIn, your profile could fall by the wayside as people scroll through their news feeds without seeing it.

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Therefore, you need to ensure your target audience knows that your LinkedIn profile exists, so they’ll click over and check out your brand and certain services you offer. The following tips can drive traffic to your page to get more views on Linkedin.

Turn Heads on LinkedIn – Master the Art of Getting More Views

If you’re looking to increase LinkedIn post views, there are a few things you can do to make your profile more visible. Here are a few tips on how to get more views on LinkedIn:

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Optimise your profile.

Your LinkedIn profile is your first impression on the platform, so make sure it’s good. Include a professional headshot, a clear and concise summary, and rich media to showcase your skills and experience.

Collaborate with a well-known individual

By teaming up with someone already well-established and respected in your field, you’ll get more exposure and tap into your existing base of followers and network to help boost your visibility. It’ll also help you get more profile views on LinkedIn. 

Get your colleagues to engage and share 

It’s perfectly reasonable to ask your colleagues or friends to help share your company’s content on LinkedIn.

But you’ll need to ensure that your colleagues are active on LinkedIn and have a decent number of followers before you ask them for help. Otherwise, you might be wasting your time. 

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If you want to share your content with your colleagues, you can promote it by navigating to any profile updates and clicking the “Notify Employees” link above. 

After confirming that you want to alert them, all connected staff members will immediately receive a LinkedIn notification.

Navigate to your company’s page analytics and select “employee analytics” to monitor the results of your requests. 

How to Build Social Credibility Through LinkedIn – Getting More Likes

There’s no magic formula for getting more likes on LinkedIn, but you can do a few things to increase your chances. The following are some tips on how to get more likes on Linkedin: 

Publicise an engaging LinkedIn article

A LinkedIn article is a piece of content in the form of a blog post or an article published on the LinkedIn platform. It can appear in searches conducted on the platform and in other search engines like Google. 

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If you’re a business owner or an influencer, a LinkedIn article can be a great way to get more reach on LinkedIn post.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to publishing a LinkedIn article: 

  • Go to LinkedIn.com.
  • Log in to your LinkedIn feed page.
  • Click “Write an article”.
  • Select a catchy headline.
  • Write your article: Make sure it’s well-written and informative. 
  • Add a featured image: Images and videos are a great way to break up your text and make your article more visually appealing. 
  • Select the blue “Publish” button; you’ll find this at the top right corner. 
  • Choose your audience: You can select who you want to see your article, whether it’s just your connections or the entire LinkedIn community.
  • Add hashtags.
  • Click “Publish”: You’re done! Your article is now live on LinkedIn.

Broadcast with LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is a live-streaming service that allows users to share their expertise and connect with their audience in real-time. The service enables only eligible LinkedIn users and pages to stream-live video content.

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The specifics of how LinkedIn Live works: 

  • Enlist for Linkedin Live: You must request to have LinkedIn Live updated to your profile to get started. Then, you will be prompted by the application to enter the URL of the page you want to stream from (either a personal profile or a business page.) 
  • LinkedIn does not presently support native streaming, so you must register for a third-party streaming service before going live. You can utilise platforms like Socialive or StreamYard
  • Sync LinkedIn with a third-party application.
  • Enter a name and description for the broadcast. 
  • Go live: Check that your camera and microphone are set correctly before you proceed. 

Use relevant LinkedIn hashtags.

Hashtags are a kind of metadata tag utilised on microblogging services or social networks which facilitates users’ ability to locate messages with a particular theme or substance. 

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The hash character (#) is inserted before a word or phrase without any spaces to create hashtags, which are used to categorise messages. When you use hashtags, make sure they’re relevant to your industry, niche, or the content you’re sharing. 

Don’t just use popular hashtags for the sake of using them – make sure they will help you get more likes. (for example, if you’re a photographer, you might use hashtags like #nature, #landscape, or #portrait).

Skyrocket Your Network – Proven Tactics to Engage More People on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers fantastic opportunities to connect with individuals in related fields and grow your network. In order to engage with as many people as possible, you need to know how to stand out from the crowd. The following are tips on how to reach more people on LinkedIn: 

Publicise your content

To get more traffic to your page, you need to share your LinkedIn articles, posts, or videos on other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. When you do so, create a link to your LinkedIn page, so interested customers can easily find you. 

Use paid advertising

When you use LinkedIn paid promotion options, you will get more views on your post because LinkedIn will boost your post engagement by placing it in front of the right audience. In addition, your content can reach a wider audience by using sponsored content and Inmail.

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Post frequently

Be active on LinkedIn and regularly upload updates and articles to the site. Doing this will increase the number of views on your profile and aid in developing your professional network. 

Link up with others

The most effective strategy to engage with certain professionals on LinkedIn is to join LinkedIn groups. There are groups for almost every industry and passion; by joining, one can meet others who share your professional interests.

In Summary

It’s critical to remember that there are zero shortcuts to creating a solid internet presence for your company on LinkedIn. Before you can benefit from social media, you need commitment and consistency. 

Therefore, if you think your others would benefit from reading this article on “how to get more views on LinkedIn,” please pass it along. Alternatively, you can read one of our most recent articles on “tips to build a successful hashtag campaign.”