Pinterest is a social media app where you can share photos. But wait, what is the difference with Instagram then? Here is the thing, Pinterest can be called a visual search engine, which is more similar to Google. So subsequently, images (pins) that you share on Pinterest might be searched and found online for a very long time. 

With some tips and tricks, they will not be buried under tons of other images but appear on the first page of Google!

Pinned sticky notes on a light background. flat lay.

In Pinterest, you create pins (images) which you bound together thematically on a board. Think of a board as a booklet that showcases different ideas around the topic and calls you to visit another destination, an online shop, for instance.

There are two types of accounts on Pinterest, business and personal. But, honestly, I don’t know why would you choose to go personal when with the business account you can reach a bigger audience, use analytics, market your brand and many more?!


Someone Said “Pinterest For Business”?

Pinterest is a great tool to demonstrate your services, reach a wider audience and generate leads to your website or a product you sell or promote.

Creating a business account on Pinterest

Hey buddy, who wants to launch its businesses on Pinterest, here is an easy step-by-step guide for you on creating a business account and starting right:

  1. Go to;
  2. On the top-right corner, tap on “Sign up”
  3. Write down your email, password and age;
  4. Click on “Create account”;
  5. Now on the top right corner, click on the sign next to your name and then on “Add free business account”; 
  6. Fill out fields of your profile, click “Next”;
  7. Describe your business, click “Next”;
  8. Choose if you want to use ads functions, click “Next”;
  9. From here, you can start functioning right now or just go to your Pinterest business account. 



When you create an account on Pinterest, you initially create a personal account and add another business one. Eventually, you have two accounts. 

Ensure that the URL of your business account is not random numbers but the actual name of your business profile. So, if your actual name is already used for your personal account, change it so that you will have a unique URL for your business profile.

Pinterest best practices

By the way, you can add up to 65 characters to your business name (step 7), so use it wisely. For instance, next to your name, you can add a tiny description: Charles → Wedding cake chef.

Making Yourself Heard on Pinterest

As you’re setting up your Pinterest account, don’t forget about your Bio, as alongside your name, it’s the first thing your visitors see. Give a concise description of your activity, audience and location. Use keywords naturally. For your information, the maximum number of characters in the BIO section is 160! 

Additionally, you can use this Bio spot to add links to your shop, Instagram, Facebook or other profiles. Of course, it would be wise to use link shorteners. 

Furthermore, apps like iLink provide you with an integrated page to store your contact details and an unlimited number of related links. 

And it doesn’t stop there:

Claiming a website is another exciting opportunity. You make sure your name and profile picture will appear on each Pin with your content. What is more important is that this will allow you to use more analytics features! Steps to follow? Easy:

  1. Go to “Settings” in Pinterest business account;
  2. Tap on “Claim Website”;
  3. Write down your website URL and click “claim website”;
  4. In the dialogue box, choose the “Add an HTML tag” option. Copy the given code and don’t close the window;
  5. In a separate window, go to the dashboard of your WordPress website (you can also use another CMS like Squarespace). You’ll need to add the free version of the Yoast SEO plugin and open it.
  6. From here, go to the “Social” → Pinterest tab.
    Yoast SEO Pinterest
  7. In the “Pinterest confirmation” area, paste the entire HTML tag.
  8. Save Changes and Submit Review!

This process might take around 24 hours, after which you will receive a confirmation email!

How to make attractive and functional boards on Pinterest? 

Boo-yah! Now we are moving to the exciting part: Creating your Board.

Pinterest rolls around pins that are bundled in Boards. To make them creative, check what the trends around Pinterest are. Next, you should build your content strategy to drive more traffic, and the best way for this is market analysis.

Boards can contain pins created by you and others, and it is better to combine those. This way, you try to cover the topic of your board by looking at it from different angles.

A Board Cover on Pinterest should be 600×600 with an aspect ratio of 1×1. Use higher resolution images.

Pay attention to the number of Boards: your Pinterest account can have a maximum of 2,000 boards, including secret boards and group boards you didn’t create. 

How to design your pins 

You may think that the content of the Pinterest Pin is much more important than the titles. Nevertheless, the title is what appears in the search engines, affects algorithms and generates traffic. 

A title can consist of up to 100 characters, but be aware that only the initial 30 are usually shown on the feed. Subsequently, try placing your keyword at the beginning.


When creating your pin, combine both images and text. The latter should be easy to read and understand. You should use different photos on different pins.

Meanwhile, you can also copy and use the same pin on more than one board. Lately, don’t forget to put your brand name on each pin.

Remember that the ideal size for the Pinterest image is 1000x1500px and has an aspect ratio of 2:3. 

To be noticed, you should make your pins unique. It would be helpful to have your design pattern. If you’re not very good at designing, you can use platforms like “Canva” or find a person on “Fiverr” to help you sort it out.

Apps like Tailwind help you schedule posts ahead of time and release them at the best moment of the day! Moreover, it will help you to be consistent. 

Measuring the success of your Pinterest 

What is good about Pinterest is its user-friendly tools to analyse and review your account’s performance. You only need to proceed to the “Analytics” section of your account and then select an “Overview”.

Pinterest Analytics

To analyse your performance, you can also use Google Analytics or services like “Mentionlytics”.

To conclude, let me remind you of the sum-up of the modern era! It’s when eight-hour office work is a remnant of the past and is insufficient, either emotionally or financially. Additionally, doing business online gets so easy that you sometimes feel guilty about using this opportunity and earning more money. Pinterest Business account is one of those tools to help you.