Social media has a significant impact on brand reputation and growth. We all know that social media platforms were just social platforms back in old times. However, all have changed since the beginning because the social media landscape is more business-centric nowadays.

Social networks offer various features that can level up your game. However, many business owners have biased beliefs about how Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms work.

You know, it’s the internet – everything can spread like an epidemic, as well as myths and misconceptions. If you plan to have a successful social media strategy, you should avoid those myths that could potentially ruin your business. So, in this blog, we will open curtains to show and debunk the most common social media myths.

Myth #1: Any video content is better

There’s no doubt that video marketing is one of the essential components of a content strategy. It’s been more than five years since the video era started, and the necessity for video content has only been increasing. And typically, it makes people think that videos always perform better than other content types.

If you search it on Google, many sources will show that you always need to incorporate videos in your strategy. However, they’re not telling the whole story.

Video content production is more challenging than you may think. It needs expertise, budget, a good script, and an exciting storyline to catch people’s attention. Especially, its hook, first 2 seconds, should be so attractive that people would keep watching the rest. 

If your video is not that good, it could actually damage your social media engagement and brand reputation. In other words, doing it for the sake of doing it would jeopardise your social media power. 

The bottom line?

Even though there’re many factors to consider, in general, video content isn’t a type of content that everyone can and should produce whenever they want.

Myth #2: My customers don’t use social media

This social media myth is widely spread in the minds of people. There’s no way that you cannot find your customers on social media. 

statistics on paper

It’s a fact that more than 3.5 billion people use social media platforms globally. So are you complaining that none of them is in your target audience? Honestly, that would be an understatement. 

The main challenge here is finding where exactly they are. If you need any help discovering what magics social media can do for your business, get in touch with us, and we’ll figure it out for you.

Content conceptualizing on notepad

Myth #3: Our business doesn’t have content to post

Don’t worry about creating content. Every business has a story to tell or something to communicate with people.

If you cannot find what content to produce, just research your competitors and be inspired by their content. Once you understand what type of content your audience like, you won’t stop posting on social media channels.

Myth #4: We need influencer marketing to attract the young generation

Using influencers to market the product is kind of cliche right now. Even though there are still young people who get admired by influencer content, Gen Z doesn’t usually buy this influencer promotion anymore.

brands that collaborate with small influencers

The new generations tend to buy a product recommended by a trusted person or friend. Furthermore, according to the last numbers, almost 82% of Gen Z members look at product reviews on websites to see what customers’ thoughts or feedback are.

So if you’re planning to use influencer marketing to target the young generation, think twice before stepping ahead.

Myth #5: We need to post several times every day

The primary strategy is to be persistent when it comes to content creation. Persistence and consistency are what it takes to be successful on social media. You could have perfect visuals, or you might have excellent copywriting skills, but all these are useless if you aren’t consistently sharing new posts.

Just stick to posting one or two pieces of content per day, and do it every single day.

Myth #6: Repeating previously proven strategies

If your past strategy was successful, it doesn’t always mean it will work again. Social media are changing second by second, and you need to be aware of the latest developments.

Adapting to the ever-changing algorithms of social media platforms is crucial to maintaining and improving your engagement rate. So here’s the kicker:

Your previously successful social media strategies always deserve scepticism.

Myth #7: Our friends and relatives may help us to increase engagement

It is one of the most straightforward actions to take. And it’s not recommended to go for it. If the same people like and engage with your posts, your posts’ engagement rates will eventually decrease.

You need people from different regions and using various phones to like, comment, share, retweet, etc., your posts. With this variety of engagement, you have a chance to be seen by more people in the future.

Myth #8: Hashtags are necessary for every single post

Don’t make your posts look robotic. Using hashtags for every post could harm your reputation and visibility on social media. Hashtags are there to help users navigate better and easier find posts they’re looking for.

The rule of thumb here is to use specific and relevant hashtags in your posts. Additionally, avoid overusing the same hashtags for every post.

Myth #9: Lots of followers means being successful

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Everyone tends to increase their followers on social media platforms, but only a few see the dark side. You may have tens of thousands of followers, but what about their activity?

Thousands or millions of passive followers will drag your social media power to the bottom. Remember: 1K active followers is always more beneficial than 100K passive ones.

Myth #10: Never post on weekends

Most businesses don’t post on weekends because they think their customers aren’t surfing the internet when they have a day off. But let me tell you something:

Assumptions are rarely working on social media. It’s tests that will give you correct insights. 

Some things aren’t written on the internet as they change for every business. And this is one of them. You need to find out when your audience is active.

There you are. You’re now free from several myths that could have ruined your social media presence.