Are you an Instagram influencer or a brand creator seeking new methods to monetise your account? If so, making an IG theme page is one of the most popular ways to consider. 

But what is an Instagram theme page? Insta theme pages concentrate on a particular niche, such as travel, fashion, food, fitness, or lifestyle. 

These pages often feature photographs and videos relating to their theme to create a consistent aesthetic and style in their content. 

Furthermore, this article will explain how to make money with Instagram theme pages, select a theme, and post content.  So, if you’re ready to make $$$ on Instagram, read on!

What Are The Most Profitable Instagram Niches To Use? 

Instagram is the second most potent channel for digital marketing and monetisation. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it is no surprise that Instagram has become a hotbed for entrepreneurs wanting to make money. 

To stand out, create an appealing Instagram feed. But first, you must select the right niche. 

Below are some of the most profitable Instagram theme page niches to consider. 

  • Travel, lifestyle, and nature: It entails producing content about travelling, exploring, and having fun. @nature is an example of a well-known travel Instagram page.
  • Fashion and beauty: This is all about creating content in fashion, beauty, and personal style categories. @fashionnova is a famous example.
  • Fitness and wellness: This niche promotes physical health, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. @bodybuilding is a famous example of this niche.
  • Food: This includes creating information on food, cooking, and sharing recipes. Some popular Instagram theme pages to follow include @ffshungry and @foodyoozy 
  • Entertainment: This niche offers music and entertainment news, reviews, and information. Examples are @popculture and @billboard.
  • Memes and humour: This niche specialises in producing humorous content and memes. is one of the best.
  • Health: This niche contains information and resources about health and medicine. Famous instances of this theme page include @health.
  • Business: This niche focuses on offering resources to entrepreneurs and enterprises. One of the best examples of this niche is @wealth.

What are the Best Theme Page Ideas for Instagram? 

Finding an appropriate theme for your Instagram page can be difficult, so here are the best Instagram theme pages ideas to inspire you.

How to Create an Instagram Theme

Creating an Instagram theme will assist you in establishing a unified and visually appealing brand identity on the platform. It can also attract more followers and improve interaction. Furthermore, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create an Instagram theme: 

Select a theme 

Determine the overall appearance and feel you want for your Instagram feed. Consider your brand’s essence, target demographic, and content niche. Choose a colour scheme or style that complements your brand image.

Set up an account with all of the fundamentals.

You will need to create an account that aligns with your niche, and here’s how you may do it:

  • You must choose a username related to your niche that symbolises it. Make it plain; you don’t want a bunch of dots or underscores there.
  • Include a self-explanatory bio; for example, if you choose a motivation niche, you can simply say, “Daily motivation to keep you inspired.”
  • Do not make your account private.
  • Use an appealing profile image, preferably your company’s logo.

Source quality content 

If you own a theme page account, one of your main objectives is to identify the different creators that post content in your specific niche, find the finest content, and curate it for your account. 

A perfect example is @shaderoom.

Plan out your content. 

Create a content strategy to maintain consistency and variety in your posts. Then, determine the types of content you’ll provide—such as images, videos, or graphics—and plan how frequently and when you’ll post. Furthermore, to stay organised, consider creating a content calendar.

Create a consistent look.  

Consistency aids in the development of recognition and coherence in your feed. So, to keep a consistent visual aesthetic, use applications like VSCO, Adobe Lightroom, or presets.

Use relevant hashtags 

To make your posts more discoverable, look for and apply relevant hashtags. Use a mix of niche-specific and popular hashtags to reach a larger audience. 

To help you find popular Instagram hashtags, use Flick. Flick is an excellent tool for growing your Instagram theme pages or brands.  

Post consistently 

You must post at least 5-6 times daily for Instagram algorithms to push your page to the front lines.

Engage your followers 

Respond to comments, direct messages, and interact with your audience regularly. 

How to Monetise an Instagram Theme 

Instagram theme page business is one of the digital world’s most lucrative and undervalued industries, investments, and assets.

It is still so good that some fitness page owners (@gymmotivation) generate more revenue than many personal gym trainers who work all day at the gym.  

So, how do you get started with this profitable side hustle? When monetising your account, there are only three steps to follow: 

  • Create a fan base.
  • Make it a source of income (start earning).
  • After that, make it passive.  

Create a fan base

Building a fan base will take time, so if you want to start making money immediately, you can buy Instagram theme pages based on your preferences and budget. 

Moreover, if you buy an account, you’ll still want to ensure your account audience grows. So, to avoid making mistakes, follow this guideline: 

Start earning 

There are several ways to accomplish this, which include: 

  • Selling shoutouts.
  • Selling services.
  • Email newsletters. 
  • CPA (cost-per-action) marketing. 
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Dropshipping. 
  • YouTube automation. 

But we’ll only cover the simplest ways to get money, which are: 

Selling shoutouts

A social media shoutout is a post or reference that promotes another user or business. So, how does this work? 

Let’s say Mr. A has a fitness account with 10,000 followers. Miss B, a personal trainer, wants a shoutout for her business. 

She will pay Mr. A $100 to promote her account and drive interaction and customers. Mr. A will promote Miss B’s account while simultaneously advertising her. 

By the end, Miss B will have customers and engagement on her account, while Mr. A will be rewarded 100 dollars for his job. 

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a strategy for earning a commission by advertising products or services of another brand. 

But if you want to avoid working under a brand, you can create your product and keep 100% of the income. 

You may go to sites like Clickbank and look for things in your niche that your audience would want, then advertise those products and earn a commission on all your sales. 

YouTube automation

Creating an Instagram account while launching a YouTube channel in your niche will help drive engagement to both platforms and generate income. 

You can monetise your content by promoting your YouTube channel using the Google Adsense Program, which pays you based on the views your videos receive.

Put everything on autopilot and make it passive. 

Once you’ve got a solid following of at least 10,000 followers and an excellent strategy to remain relevant in your industry, all you need to do is employ a professional to manage your account and put it on autopilot. 

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Final Thought 

Anyone can transform their Instagram page into a profitable business by building a niche audience, consistently posting high-quality content, and employing various monetisation strategies. 

However, it’s essential to remember that to succeed; you need to be consistent, creative, dedicated, and passionate about the niche you want to do. Because this will ensure your financial success, drive engagement, build a solid online presence, and attract new clients.