This post is a part of our monthly social media updates and news series where you can quickly scan through quick recaps of all the changes that took place in recent months.

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We will start with Twitter and Facebook, then continue with TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and finish with Snapchat and LinkedIn’s latest trends. Let’s dive in!

social media updates february 2021

Latest trends of Twitter 

Twitter’s government account labels for more countries 

Twitter launched its government account labels in August 2020. However, this feature was only available in a few countries such as the UK, Russia, China, etc.

In February 2021, Twitter announced that government accounts’ labels would be extended to a few more countries, such as Canada, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Iran, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Japan, and more.

Sending voice messages in Twitter DMs?

Twitter has started to implement its new project in a few countries like Japan, India, and Brazil.

This feature allows users to send voice messages in DMs. Although the memo’s capacity is limited, this feature seems to be exciting for every Twitter user.

And it doesn’t stop there:

The company has announced that this new function will be available both on iOS and Android devices, but desktop users cannot send any voice messages… Well, at least for now.

tweetdeck Social media updates

Twitter’s new subscription fee for Tweetdeck

One of the latest social media updates of Twitter is the feature that allows users to follow and pay for exclusive content, use of services such as Tweetdeck and more features like undo send.

Paid Super Follows to charge for your tweets

One of Twitter’s most significant announcements in February 2021 is paid Super Follows. This new feature allows Twitter users to charge followers for some content, such as a subscription to a newsletter or bonus tweets. 

Twitter has implemented this new feature to allure more creators into the platform. Now, they can earn money directly from their followers and fans without leaving Twitter.

twitter social media updates

Facebook news feed

Facebook recommending Instagram reels?

When you receive a notification similar to “Let your future reels recommended on Facebook. Learn More about.”, do not get surprised.

Facebook is working on a feature to recommend Instagram reels.

Facebook’s Project for Freelancers and Self-employed Writers

This new project will help freelancers and self-employed writers to send a newsletter to their followers by email. Although there are many Facebook groups for freelancers, this project seems to capture the attention of many. 


Fewer politics in the Facebook news feed?

Facebook has decided to downrank politics in its news feed. The purpose of this action is to test the changes.

The company announced that user data results would help to determine the future of political content on Facebook.

Nevertheless, posts and stories from health organisations and government agencies seem to be not affected by this new movement.

Trends in TikTok

A recipe card from TikTok

One of the growing social media networks at the moment – TikTok, came up with a new project.

tiktok social media updates

Everybody knows that TikTok is famous for its fast, easy, and tasty recipes. Therefore, developing a recipe card in TikTok seemed like a necessity. 

This new project will be conducted via integration with Whisk.

Instagram’s new features 

Vertical stories on Instagram?

Instagram is highly popular because of its handy functions such as sharing posts, stories, going live, etc. 

As we already know, Instagram stories now have many features to make life better for its users.

As if that is not enough:

Now, in February 2021, Instagram has announced that they’re working on a new idea – vertical stories. Although the idea sounds perfect, it may or may not be true. The time will show.

Instagram’s new “recently deleted” recovery function

Instagram is now working on a new feature called “recently deleted” recovery. With the help of this function, users will be able to bring back the posts, reels, stories, IGTV videos.

Posts on Instagram will stay for 30 days in your recently deleted folder, while stories will only stay for 24 hours.

instagram social media updates

FAQ function available for everyone on Instagram

Instagram has started testing the FAQ function since November 2020. 

But here’s the kicker:

Now, it seems like the FAQ function is available for every user.

Blocking multiple people on Instagram?

In February 2021, Instagram has announced a new idea which they might consider working on. 

If developed, this feature will allow users to block or unblock multiple people on the social media network. 

Although the company announces this idea, there is no guarantee that this feature will be developed in the near future.

Latest Social Media Updates from Linkedin

Linkedin’s new creator program

LinkedIn came up with a lot of good new projects during February 2021. One of its recent projects is called the creator program. LinkedIn obviously doesn’t want to lose the war over content creators.


Sales Insights

One of the social media updates from LinkedIn is that its new project called Sales Insights is now available. 

Sales Insights is a platform that allows users to reach user data easily. With the help of this platform, sales teams will be able to get real-time data. 

This new LinkedIn project helps sales teams to understand the connections among employees, companies, skills, and more. 

New freelance marketplace from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is developing a new freelance marketplace. This platform is going to enable business owners to connect with more people. 

The advantage of this platform will be that LinkedIn will quickly and directly connect millions of users.

I can already hear your questions:

Will it be anything near to Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr? Well, only our friends at LinkedIn can answer that for now.

youtube social media updates

Youtube’s new project

Youtube’s new feature for creating TikTok style videos

February 2021, and here is Youtube’s new project of creating short videos with the help of a button. This seems to be one of the most interesting social media updates for 2021.

It gets better:

The button will let users create 15-seconds short TikTok style videos on Youtube. When tapping on the button, users will be able to shoot short videos without leaving the current screen.

Furthermore, users are also able to import videos from their galleries.

One of the cons of this feature is that it’s currently only available in India. Hopefully, in the near future, we’ll be able to benefit from it, as well.


Trends in Snapchat

Snapchat’s customer targeting is now 13- to 24-year-olds

Snapchat is now available to reach 70% of the 13- to 24-year-old audience via digital marketing advertisements. 

The company is planning to let more business owners buy ads themselves in order to increase its revenue. Therefore, Snapchat is investing in the development of smart tools for start-ups and small businesses.