As the countdown to the merriest season begins, it’s time to start planning how to spice up your social media accounts with festive posts and interactive ideas. 

So, whether you’re a social media manager or just looking for concepts for your accounts, this article covers the best New Year and Christmas interactive posts ideas. 

What Exactly Are Interactive Posts? 

It’s hard to remember everything you’ve seen on social media. You can aimlessly scroll through countless generic posts in minutes, and none create a lasting impression.

But the facts are different when it comes to interactive posts. Interactive content is a magnetic force that draws your target in and encourages them to participate in your content. It is a marketing strategy that keeps your audience glued to their phones.  

However, interactive posts are more than just social media content designed to get a response from your target audience. 

These posts provide an active experience with an element of interaction, such as conducting polls, asking questions, or encouraging users to share personal experiences.

What are the benefits of interactive posts? 

You may be wondering, “Why interactive posts?” Why should you put your time, money, and effort into it? To answer this, here are some reasons why interactive posts should be at the forefront of your holiday marketing efforts:

  • Improving brand recognition and exposure during the Christmas season.
  • Encouraging contact with clients, creating a sense of connection.
  • Increasing sales and revenue through specialised promotions and special offers.
  • Allowing you to receive real-time reactions from your audience. 

5 Festive Interactive Posts Ideas For Social Media 

The most popular social media networks, according to Statista, are Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

These social media channels will be the machines that propel your strategy forward. That is why you must use the most effective platform and the best marketing plan (interactive content). 

Although interactive posts are extensive and fascinating, only some concepts are effective. Therefore, here are some of the most successful Christmas and New Year social media posts that will make your brand the talk of the town.

Holiday Contests and Giveaways 

Contests and giveaways are excellent ways to engage your audience over the holiday season. They bring excitement, goodwill, and interaction that can leave your fans with long-lasting memories. 

It’s a win-win strategy that enables you to give back to your target market while boosting the visibility and connections of your business. 

Interactive Quizzes and Polls 

These are effective techniques for engaging your audience. They stimulate involvement, encourage opinions, and make your audience feel heard and respected. 

In addition, here are some examples.

Countdown Posts

Create excitement by counting down the days until a specific event or day. For instance, use this: “Only three days left until New Year’s Eve!”

Organise a live Q&A/AMA. 

One of the most interactive posts you can make on social media is a live Question and Answer (QA) or Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. 

It allows you to communicate with your audience directly, answer their queries, and share insights. 

Advent Calendar

Make a digital Advent calendar that reveals a surprise or exclusive deal each day. Then, end with a massive offer on the last day.

Tips to Make Your Interactive Posts Effective

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, these strategies will help you improve your online presence and engage your audience. So, to increase the effectiveness of your posts, consider the following suggestions:  

Be creative with your captions.

Using captions that reflect the holiday spirit is vital during this season. Here are some examples of some interactive captions to consider:

  • Ask fun and festive questions. 

  • Tell your audience to use emojis to express their emotions.

  • Make your posts more engaging by including catchy party captions for IG. 
  • Encourage your followers to tag a buddy.

  • Share heartfelt end of the year captions with your audience. 

Use fun, festive hashtags. 

Hashtags are the digital magnets on social media posts that make your content discoverable. So, to pump up the holiday atmosphere and engage your audience, use these Christmas and New Year hashtags in your interactive posts:

Christmas Hashtags:

  • #MerryAndBright 
  • #FestiveFun 
  • #DeckTheHalls 
  • #JoyfulJingles 
  • #WinterWonderland 
  • #SantaClausIsComingToTown 
  • #HolidayCheer 
  • #TisTheSeason 
  • #JingleAllTheWay 
  • #FestiveFridays

New Years Hashtags:

  • #NewBeginnings 
  • #CheersTo2024 
  • #Hello2024 
  • #CountdownToMidnight 
  • #FreshStart 
  • #NewYearsEveParty 
  • #CelebrateTheYear 
  • #NewYearNewYou 
  • #PartyIntoTheNewYear 
  • #ResolutionTime

Note: Research trending and popular hashtags for optimum exposure, or create your own hashtags.

Create a content calendar. 

Developing a content calendar for your brand necessitates careful preparation and management. So, if you want to construct an excellent content calendar, read this: 

Use the Instagram Stories feature to your advantage.

Remember to incorporate an engaging Happy New Year Instagram story into your festive social media campaign. This dynamic platform lets you share your audience’s excitement for the next year in an interactive style. 

Here’s how to make the most of them:

  • Showcase Christmas preparations from behind the scenes.
  • Share short video recordings of your company wishing your followers a Happy New Year.
  • Showcase user-generated content from your followers’ holiday gatherings.

Create unique greetings and wishes.

It’s the season to be cheerful; your greetings to your audience should reflect that! Refrain from settling for the exact old, boring holiday wishes. Make your wishes memorable by using comedy, wit, and originality.

Here are some funny New Years greetings that will make your followers laugh:

  • Create or share popular holiday memes with your audience. 
  • Create customised holiday greeting cards with unusual graphics and funny phrases. 
  • Create short, amusing videos to communicate your holiday greetings. 

Celebrate the Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year, also known as the Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival, is a significant and widely observed event, particularly in East and Southeast Asia. If you have a diversified client base, you should celebrate the Lunar New Year on social media. 

So, here’s the cheat code to create interesting Lunar New Year social media posts:

  • Send your best wishes to your viewers for the Lunar New Year. 
  • For the year, incorporate traditional Lunar New Year colours, such as red.
  • Host virtual events with your audience to celebrate the Lunar New Year in real-time.
  • Share edifying posts about Lunar New Year traditions to promote awareness and appreciation.


So there you have it – a sleigh full of New Year’s and Christmas interactive posts and ideas for your social festivities. These ideas, which range from captivating questions to beautiful Instagram Story quizzes, are the perfect mix for a season full of engagement, joy, and memorable connections. 

Now, incorporate these ideas into your content schedule to create a Christmas presence that is not only festive but also beautifully engaging.