Many of us felt like in the “Truman Show” when in 2019, media magnate Mark Zuckerberg announced linking Facebook, WhatsApp chat, and Instagram.

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But what if I tell you that Facebook stocks skyrocketed in the first quarter of 2021 thanks to ad revenues? Will it persuade you that it is more beneficial to use Facebook and its services for your business? Or maybe the fact that Instagram accounts for the quarter of all those revenues will convince you that setting up a professional account is a must of current times.

Advantages of a Professional Instagram Profile Over Personal

Business account owners on Instagram can access some additional built-in functions. For example, you can use the analytics function, which helps you assess your business’s performance. 

Moreover, you can profit from the Instagram advertising, tag other products, schedule your future posts and appear in searches. Lately, with a professional account, you can add links to Instagram Stories, but more on that later. 

Facebook Inc. is a giant of social media and an ever-developing platform. Thanks to this, the link to the WhatsApp chat can be easily shared on Instagram. It is not only free of charge but also applicable for both professional and personal account owners. 

Picture this;

You boost your business by creating a tailored relationship with your clients. In other words, you create a loyal customer network. Isn’t it a dream of every business owner? 

The rationale is there, and what about the technical part? All you need to do is to find that magic WhatsApp link and share it with your Instagram followers, as described below. 

Proper Link Formation to Your WhatsApp Chat 

Did someone say the magic link? But wait a minute, where is it at all? Before we move to understand how business and personal Instagram account owners can take their followers from Instagram to WhatsApp chat, let’s see how to form a link to the latter. 

For that: 

1. Go to mobile WhatsApp -> click More Options  -> Settings;

2. Press the QR icon placed next to your name.


3. Tap on Share and copy the link (URL) to any Notes app


If you are more of a “play-with-codes” person, you can use universal links and type your phone number inside the WhatsApp URL. If so, follow the format:”, where “44” is your country code (the UK in this case). 

Remember not to use zeros ahead of the actual code; also, leave out any brackets, “+” sign or dashes. 

What are the URL Shorteners?

Ohhh, there is more! Did you know you can shorten the link to WhatsApp chat, customise it to look sharper or save space? URL shorteners like Bitly, Cutly, Rebrandly let you copy-paste the URL and get its shortened version. Some of those pages also analyse your link performance. 

Additionally, it might be wise to opt for paid versions of the above like services, which guarantee the security of your data. 

One-click link to WhatsApp chat for professional Instagram owners

We got our WhatsApp chat link ready. After that, we can add it to the Instagram story as a swipe-up link and highlights. As mentioned above, this function works with verified business accounts or the ones with a minimum of 10K followers. Otherwise, one cannot add clickable links to stories. Here’s what you have to do: 

1. Download WhatsApp logo from the Internet or create your own, for example, on Photoshop and save it in your phone Gallery;


2. Open the Instagram app on your phone;

3. Tap on “Your Story” at the upper left corner of your Feed;

instagram story

4. Upload WhatsApp logo saved in your Gallery;

5. Click on the “chain” icon, which will take you to the “More options” window;


6. Input the WhatsApp URL saved in our Notes app to the Web link section.

Story function is a great tool to revamp your Instagram, but the downside is that it will disappear in 24 hours. However, there is a remedy; save this Story to the “Highlights”. 

Go to the story you just shared and click on the “Highlights” icon. And voila, you created a separate highlight for WhatsApp. Now people visiting your page should see a story with a swipe-up link directing to the WhatsApp Chat.

“I am an ordinary man” or how to link to WhatsApp chat without a business account.

Don’t be disappointed if you’re “an ordinary man” who owns a private account with a small audience. There is a remedy for you as well! 

I should note that private business accounts are getting trendy. This way, followers might feel somewhat exclusive. Above all, it gives the account owner more control over processes and how the content is shared afterwards. 

Instagram also allows adding a clickable link to the “Bio” section of your profile. Click on “Edit Profile”, and in the “Website” section, paste the link (URL) we created earlier. The link will appear under your name on your Profile Page.

instagram bio link

Too many links – too confusing

Unfortunately, you can add only one clickable link in the “Bio” section. Fortunately, the internet has solutions to everything. For instance, iLink provides you with an integrated page to store your contact details, unlimited number of links, including WhatsApp chat. It is like an online business card to which you can create a single URL and place it in your Instagram Bio as described above. 

A trick or treat

Be aware that there are some more options to share the link to your WhatsApp chat if you don’t meet the requirements for Swipe Up. For instance: you can create a poll on Instagram and outline followers interested in your content. 

Afterwards, send them the link to WhatsApp Chat for a tailored follow-up conversation. 

Another option is to share a Story and let your followers know that they can DM you for a direct link to WhatsApp. You can send it to people asking for it and make them feel special

In conclusion, connecting WhatsApp chat, Instagram and Facebook is not a devil’s creature after all. You need to correctly utilise available tools, streamline them and keep your profile up-to-date. 

So, here’s the deal:

Yes, there are benefits of having your account private! However, tools available for Instagram public business accounts will help you increase your profits from the cosy corner of your couch.