Do you ever find yourself in the position of not knowing what to post on social media or not knowing how to post it? Whether it’s an issue of coming up with the appropriate format to get the most engagement, or simply finding an interesting article within your niche to share, there are loads of great marketing resources out there to help you.

Here’s our pick of 7 indispensable social media tools for your small business:


Pixabay Homepage

This is one of our favourite resources. It’s a library of stock images that you can use commercially for free. There are well over a million photos on this site and it’s our go-to when we need a stock photo for a social media post.


Hootsuite homepage

The ultimate social media scheduling tool. Used by thousands of marketers, small businesses and agencies worldwide, it is one of the most popular social media management platfroms around. Connect all your social media accounts to one dashboard and share posts to all of them instantly or schedule them for a future date.

Pablo by Buffer

Pablo homepage

Buffer is another very popular social media scheduling tool, and they’ve created a great resource called Pablo. This web app allows you to quickly design images for your social media posts. Drag and drop their free stock images, overlay text and brand with your logo and you’re good to go. Incredibly simple and very quick.

Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo homepage

If you’re ever struggling to find content, Buzz Sumo will help you out. Simply search by keyword and it’ll display what’s popular and what’s being shared a lot within your search. You can then just click on any of the articles returned in the search results and share the article yourself. Easy peasy.


Pinterest search

Pinterest’s visual search is unrivalled and it’s a fantastic resource for curating social media content. It’s full of infographics, memes, graphics and links to articles that you can use (be careful with attribution) or take inspiration from. Type in a few keywords and Pinterest will take care of the rest.



Giphy homepage

Social media is gif crazy right now and you should be taking advantage of it. Posting a gif by applying it to a situation is guaranteed to get engagement. Giphy is the best gif search engine out there and you really will find a gif for every occasion. Simply copy the Giphy share link and paste it into your social media posts.


Bitly homepage

Want to shorten those long links? Bitly will do just the trick but will also give you link analytics so you can monitor how many times your link was clicked on, so you can judge the success of a post quickly and easily.