When you have to publish something on different platforms every day, developing new social media content ideas may be challenging. There are a lot of social media post types to keep your content engaging.

However, providing them with fresh, high-quality content that grabs their attention and keeps them informed is essential. People will be curious to see what you post next, increasing their chances of interacting with your content—and perhaps becoming a customer. Want to know more about these post types?

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So what are the best social media post types?

You’ll be ahead of the curve with this cheat sheet of 15 excellent content ideas for each of the leading social networks. Let’s dig a little deeper. And you’ll never have to look at a blank content calendar again.


By 2020, digital videos account for 82% of all online traffic. That implies you’re passing on reach and engagement if you’re not providing video content on your channels. 

And there are a plethora of choices to select from:

  • Narratives (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Snapchat
  • IGTV
  • YouTube
  • Streaming video (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)
  • TikTok is a video-sharing app.
  • Videos in the feed (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest)

Live video feeds

Consider providing live video updates to your social networks in addition to video postings. This method is one of the best social media post types.

According to a study conducted by Vimeo and New York Magazine, four out of five consumers would prefer to watch a live video from a business than read a blog article.

This is a fantastic concept for product launches or press conferences. You may also utilize Facebook Live or Twitter Live to conduct a live presentation of your services or hold a preview event for future goods.

Blog posts and articles

If your business has a blog, post the content on your social media feeds with direct links when possible. For example, blog articles about business news, open job listings, and industry developments are suitable for social media distribution.

Post an attractive on-brand graphic that matches the topic on Instagram. Then, redirect visitors to a URL in your profile if you publish to the feed. If you’re posting to Stories and have more than 10,000 followers, use the “Swipe up” function.

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In-house articles and blog entries on LinkedIn are a fantastic method to showcase your knowledge and give updates on your company’s activities. These articles may be shared directly via LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

Looks behind the scenes

Your followers are curious about what you do, so provide a tiny bit of information to them. In addition, your social media platforms are an excellent location to post pictures and videos that show people something they may not see otherwise.

man with camera

Post footage of your office or workplace activities on your social media pages. Alternatively, provide fans with a visual glimpse into the creative process behind your work, whether it’s packing goods for shipment or images of event preparations.

Giveaways and contests

By holding a contest or giveaway on your social media platforms, you can both reward existing fans and attract new ones.

gift boxes 

Increase engagement by leaving a comment on a post or sharing a requirement for participation, and you may earn new followers as people hear about the contest from relatives and friends. 

Content from influencers

Collaborate with influencers that are a good match for your business and create content for posting on your social media accounts. These postings should fit in with the rest of your social media material while also allowing you to reach out to new prospective followers via the influencer.

a girl on the armchair

Product images

Find innovative methods to publish pictures of your goods online by being creative. These images should not resemble the simpler ones seen in an online shop. 

Have a good time! To display goods in a fresh light, group them, shoot them against intriguing backdrops, or dismantle them.

Make sure any product pictures you post are consistent with your brand’s style, particularly on visual sites like Instagram. The goal is for the photographs to mix in with your other material while standing out in your followers’ feeds.

Content created by users

If you have followers who use your products and services to create social media material, contact them and ask their permission to repost it on your accounts (with credit). It’s a fantastic method to broaden your social media postings while expressing gratitude to your essential consumers.

Quotes that are interesting or inspiring

Quote postings are one of the excellent social media post types to emphasize key points in your articles or blog entries. You may also utilize them to disseminate suggestions, guidance, and insights from essential individuals inside your organization. 


These posts are viral on Instagram and Pinterest, but they may be successful with a visual component on any site.


Visual infographic articles may be an excellent method to convey a large amount of information rapidly. 

For example, if you have new sales figures or market research to offer, try incorporating the main findings in an infographic as well as separate articles that emphasize specific data.

statistics on paper

Customer feedback

Although it may seem that you always hear about things going wrong, chances are you have gotten positive comments or evaluations from a customer. 

Ask those clients whether you may post a quotation from their feedback on your social media pages or give a discount to frequent customers in exchange for their feedback, and then share it. 

service people

It’s a fantastic method to showcase good customer encounters in real life.


Engagement is essential on social media, and one straightforward approach to acquire it is to ask your followers an open-ended question—one they can’t answer with a yes or no.

Tricks & tips

Put them on your social media profiles if your product or service has a learning curve or if you have some insider tips to offer. There are many methods, ranging from live and pre-recorded video to visual lessons using pictures.

Evergreen blog articles

Consider re-sharing previous information that is still relevant or has become relevant again, often known as “evergreen” content. You can share evergreen content at any time.

fb events


In some instances, such as when organizing a party or class, event postings are self-evident. Therefore, consider utilizing Facebook event pages for more than just physical meetups.


Why not try some of these social media post types if you’re bored of publishing the same old content? 

Brands should never feel compelled to provide a certain kind of content. Your social feed should never seem like business as usual, especially with so many choices available.