It might be challenging to keep up with all of the changes as social media platforms are continuously changing. For instance, Instagram has rapidly expanded from a primarily teenage-focused app to one of the most widely used social networking sites.

Numerous new platform features are routinely released. As a result, brands frequently find it challenging to keep up with all of these changes, which makes it simple for social media teams to make mistakes. 

instagram mistakes to avoid

But you’re not alone; we’ve got your back. This article will cover seven common Instagram mistakes and how to avoid them in your interaction. 

Instagram Mistakes to Avoid

Because Instagram is constantly evolving, it’s easy to make mistakes. To avoid these common Instagram mistakes, you must keep up with the latest trends.

Here are some mistakes to avoid on Instagram:

Using hashtags in comments 

Instagram is a popular platform used by brands, creators, and regular users who want a few likes and views. However, it’s challenging to beat Instagram’s algorithm.

Hashtags are one of your most excellent choices for expanding your reach on Instagram because using the search feature is like falling down a rabbit hole. Your brand’s reach can be significantly impacted by where you choose to use hashtags.

Instagram hashtags

One of the many Instagram mistakes to avoid is using hashtags in the comment section. Instagram claims that including hashtags in your caption will improve your ability to reach your target market.

So, if you’ve been spamming your comments with hashtags, you should definitely stop. Including hashtags in captions may create a cluttered appearance, but separating the text from the hashtags with enough space will help keep them hidden. 

Not using a keyword in your name.

The ideal location for relevant keywords and search terms is your Instagram profile name. Optimising your Instagram name is the first step in Instagram bio SEO. Select a profile name or handle appropriate for your page’s content. The ideal place to begin is if you are well-known by your brand name.

computer with hand on it

Forgetting to use a keyword in their Instagram name is just one of the many mistakes users make on the platform. It makes it simpler for people to find you if your name contains a keyword associated with your business’s industry.

For instance, if you search for “travel” on Instagram, you’ll see that every account that shows up in your top search results has “travel” either in their handle, name, or both. 

Not engaging with Stories

Instagram Stories was created to extend the user experience in more temporary and engaging ways. In addition, they are accessible to everyone on the network and are free.

So why aren’t more brands embracing this format? Instagram Stories may be made in a matter of seconds, and because the platform comes with many native elements, it makes it very easy to build your message.

instagram mistakes to avoid

Alternatively, you can make engaging and brand-focused stories using popular Instagram Story themes. But because they lack the knowledge on what to post as an Instagram Story, many marketers ignore this format and make Instagram marketing mistakes. 

Here are some creative Instagram Story ideas:

  • Make surveys, polls, and quizzes.
  • Repost Stories you’ve been tagged in.
  • Promote and tag your online store’s products
  • Run real-time Stories from anywhere

Posting without captions

Posting without captions is only one of the several Instagram mistakes you should avoid. Regardless of how fantastic your photo is, it needs a caption. Instagram posts with captions are more engaging and allow you to engage with your followers.

Therefore, describe the image to your audience, share a remark, or pose a query. Find something significant to mention in your posts, whatever it may be. Posting without captions is an example of bad Instagram posts. 

Buying followers and using bots

Bots have no place in a world where authenticity is valued. However, many marketers think that purchasing Instagram followers will help them establish their authority or position, but in reality, such followers are probably not genuine.

instagram mistakes to avoid likes

Without any further intervention or effect on sales, bots can be built in bulk and programmed to automatically visit profiles and like the content. In other words, they are nothing more than impostor accounts that follow you.

If these false accounts are found, it can hurt your reputation. Additionally, Instagram has extensively studied these tactics, and if they detect any suspicious activity on your account, they may permanently ban it. So overall, the risk is not worthwhile. 

Lack of analytics 

How would you know if your Instagram profile is successful without keeping track of crucial Instagram metrics, examining them, and drawing conclusions for your marketing strategy? The secret to correctly boosting your Instagram presence is data.

instagram mistakes to avoid analytics

Numerous analytics tools are included with Instagram Business profiles, although many are only accessible for the preceding 28 days. As a result, you get extended access to more data when using social media management solutions.

You may enhance performance and carefully customise your strategy to make it more successful by looking at your user engagement, reach among your target audience or responses to particular types of content. You’ll only be assuming if you don’t analyse your data. 

Lack of consistency 

Joining Instagram entails a great deal of responsibility, ease, and limitless opportunities. Suppose you begin posting on Instagram every other day, develop relationships with your followers, and establish a community around your account. And all of a sudden, when everything is running smoothly, there is silence.

instagram mistakes to avoid

After you stop publishing, your followers are left wondering what happened to you. Similarly, if your account is inactive, Instagram’s algorithm may soon stop showing your posts in people’s feeds. Therefore, even if you come back later, you can discover that your results are lacking. 

Being consistent on Instagram can be difficult, but it’s the only way to be successful on the platform. You must continue to deliver your content to your audience after they become accustomed to viewing it because they may forget about you sooner than you might believe if you cease communicating. 

instagram mistakes to avoid

Tackling Mistakes on Instagram 

Most people have experienced posting a photo on Instagram and receiving no likes or comments. Such circumstances may leave you wondering where you went wrong. People make many mistakes when it comes to Instagram social media marketing, but they don’t realise it until it’s too late. As a result, avoiding these pitfalls becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible. Instead of attempting to prevent Instagram mistakes at all costs, we suggest confronting them head-on and learning from your mistakes. Hopefully, our list will be helpful to you as well!