Whether you’re a social media manager or a casual user, we can all agree that platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Discord give us a space to engage in meaningful discussions about topics we care about. 

However, as more people flood these mediums with their marketing strategies, the authenticity and connections we once had are starting to fade away.

This is why the X community is the next big thing. These specialised Twitter groups are specifically designed for people who are tired of the clutter and inauthenticity that other platforms offer. 

So, if you’re interested, keep reading because, in this article, we will go over how to join Twitter community and how it may benefit your brand. 

What are the advantages of joining a Twitter community? 

Twitter Communities is a private group club where you can connect with others who have similar hobbies, beliefs, and ideas. 

But here’s the best part: brands can also join these Twitter communities to connect with their target audience on a personal level. 

However, as a business owner, before you start marketing your latest product, check out the following benefits of being a member of the Twitter community. 

  • Helps create a helpful network. 
  • Are also an excellent way to keep up with the most recent industry news, trends, and debates. 
  • Can help you broaden your reach. 
  • Improve your brand and reputation. 
  • Twitter communities facilitate prospective collaborations and partnerships.

How to find and join a community on X 

As a small business owner, joining a Twitter community is an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded people and broaden your expertise on several issues. 

Whether you want to network with professionals in your field or simply speak with others who share your interests, there is a Twitter community for you. And the best part? It’s free and simple to join!

So, here’s how to find Twitter communities and how to join Twitter community.

#1 – Log into your account:

Make sure you have a Twitter account. If you don’t have one, sign up.

#2 – Find and join a community: 

Once you’ve logged in to your account, start searching for communities. If you still need to join a community, go to the X Community account page and scroll through the Twitter communities list until you discover one that interests you. 

Once you’ve discovered your ideal community, click the ‘View Community’ button.

#3 – Read the rules: 

While in the community, click ‘Join’, and you’ll be taken to a page outlining the community’s rules. Please read it carefully, and if you agree, click the ‘Agree and Join’ option. 

#4 – Locate the shortcut:

After joining your first community, the Twitter community tab can be found on the left menu on your ‘X’ (Twitter) page or at the bottom bar on the app. 

#5 – Discover more communities: 

To join more communities, go back to the ‘Communities’ page and use the search icon at the top to find it. 

Simply enter the name or keyword, and a list of similar communities will appear. Click on any that captures your interest, and then select the ‘Join’ button.

Moreover, if you don’t have a specific community you’re looking for, type out ‘community’ in the search box.

#6 – Join more communities: 

This is where things get tricky. Some communities are open, which means you can join them automatically. However, some are invite-only, requiring you to request membership. 

If you find an invite-only community, don’t panic; simply click the ‘Agree and ask to join’ button and wait for the moderator to confirm your request.

#7 – Interact with the communities: 

Return to the Communities page after joining a community (or numerous ones, because why not?). The most recent tweets from members of all the communities you’ve joined can be found here. 

To view tweets from a particular community, simply click its name at the top of the page. And, if you have something to say, click the reply icon, input your message, and then press the reply button.

#8 – Post your tweets: 

If you want to know how to post in a Twitter community, here’s what to do: 

  • Ensure you’re in the community’s feed. 
  • Then, click the Tweet button and make sure the community is selected as the audience. 
  • Type your tweet and press the Tweet button. (You can include links, photographs, GIFs, and emojis.

#9 – Explore more features: 

If you want to learn more about Twitter community features, keep reading:  

  • To see the members of a community, click on the number of members displayed on the community’s Twitter feed. 
  • If you wish to invite others, simply click the share icon to spread all the love. 
  • If you ever wish to quit a community on Twitter, simply click on the ‘…’  icon and then choose ‘Leave community’.

How to build a community for your brand on Twitter 

You’re probably thinking, ‘What if I can’t discover a community that fits my brand?’ You could always create a community on Twitter! 

So, if you want to know how to make Twitter community, just follow the instructions below:

Step 1: If you see the ‘communities’ icon when you log into Twitter, you have met the requirements to create a community. So, tap on your profile picture, and Twitter will direct you to the Communities page.

Step 2: Select the ‘two people +’ icon in the upper right corner. Then, fill out all of the vital information, including your community name, why you’re starting it, and the type of membership you want (open or members only). 

Pro tip: keep your community’s name unique and related to your brand.

Step 3: Once you’ve entered all of the required information, tap ‘Create’. The next screen you’ll see is your community screen, where you may add a cover picture, edit your profile name or overview, invite members, and set the rules. 

Step 4: The final step is to start tweeting. Share helpful information, interact with your community, and watch it grow.


However, for individuals who do not have the community icon on Twitter, don’t worry; you can still build a community. Simply click on the + sign and subscribe to Premium. After that, follow the steps above. 

Wrapping up: use Twitter’s community to build your brand!

Joining a Twitter community can provide several benefits to your business. From developing genuine consumer interactions to growing your marketing reach, there is a lot to gain from being a part of this dynamic platform.

In the world of Twitter communities, there’s a service worth noting: 50 Pound Social’s expertise in community management. We specialise in fostering genuine connections and sparking meaningful conversations for your brand. If you’re looking to thrive on Twitter, consider exploring our community management services.

So, don’t wait any longer; get started today and engage with your target audience. With the right attitude and consistent effort, you can build a loyal community of brand supporters who will help your company reach new heights.