If you’re looking for a new strategy to enhance engagement and brand exposure on social media, hashtag campaigns are ideal.

When done appropriately, hashtag campaigns can effectively distribute your brand’s message to the relevant audience.

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To assist you in deciding whether a hashtag campaign is a good idea for your brand, we’ll explain what they are, what the benefits are, how to execute one, and how to track its success.

What Is a Hashtag Campaign?

A hashtag campaign is a social media strategy focused on a particular hashtag that a brand develops and advertises. It is a fantastic technique to raise awareness of a business, item, service, or event.

You would need to choose a hashtag that best fits the campaign to run one of these campaigns and distribute content linked to and utilising that hashtag. The objective is to encourage your customers or audience to use the hashtag on relevant content to reach a larger audience. 

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You can engage more users on social media with a successful hashtag campaign than with an organic campaign or standard ad. Hashtag campaigns are an excellent approach to expanding your brand and gaining followers.

Event hashtags and product launch hashtags are two examples of hashtag campaigns. But first, let’s go through the benefits of this type of campaign and why your marketing team should consider it.

Benefits of a Hashtag Campaign

Hashtag campaigns have numerous benefits when pitching a marketing idea to your team. We’ve compiled a list of some of these benefits.

Build Community via Facebook Groups

Boost brand awareness

Hashtag campaigns can assist in spreading the word about your company to a larger audience. Consider employing hashtag campaigns to raise the visibility of your business, if it is relatively young or small. 

Promote products and services 

You can also use hashtag campaigns to promote your company’s products and services. You may have noticed this tactic being employed frequently with new movie releases.

When releasing new products or services, a hashtag campaign is an excellent method that your company can adopt. 

Aggregate information 

Because hashtags are searchable, developing one for your audience to use to engage in a discussion about a topic is a terrific method to gather information in one area.

Twitter conversations are a great example, but you can also pose thought-provoking questions and employ a hashtag to keep a record of all the comments and conversations.

Hashtag campaigns make it easy to collect information in one location. And by doing so, you make knowledge more accessible to your audience.

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Increase user engagement

Effective hashtag campaigns encourage user interaction and encourage followers to post or post a tweet about your hashtag.

Because the main aim of a hashtag campaign is to get your audience to spread the word, you must make it simple and accessible for your audience to maximise involvement.

You should also thoroughly research and evaluate any prospective hashtag ideas you have ahead of time. Make sure you are not employing words already being used in everyday conversations, as this may weaken the effect of your advertising. 

Take your time reading over how your hashtag was merged into a single term with no spaces and several stylings. 

How to Run a Hashtag Campaign

The next stage is knowing how to execute a successful hashtag campaign now that you know its benefits.

We’ve created a simple, step-by-step approach that will get you started with a hashtag campaign to advance the social media strategy for your business.

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Understand your audience 

You must first determine your audience’s demographic and the kind of content they are interested in if you want to execute a successful hashtag campaign. 

As a result, you must pay attention to your target audience’s online behaviours to develop a hashtag campaign in which they are likely to participate.

To better understand your target demographic, you must also establish defined consumer personas for them.

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Define your goal

You may want to decide what your hashtag campaign’s ultimate goal is. For example, are you attempting to enhance brand awareness, engagement, or sales? Your objective will aid you in determining how to move forward with the campaign.

Consider developing a hashtag campaign to gather information or encourage your audience to have fun with your brand if you want to increase interaction. On the other hand, if your goal is to raise the exposure of your brand, you might want to think about adding at least a portion of your brand name to the hashtag.

To increase sales, focus your hashtag campaign on a specific product or service that you can highlight. Encourage customers to participate by contributing images and tweets about their interactions with your business.

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Choose the right platform

The final step is to select a channel for your campaign. Because Twitter and Instagram are the two most popular platforms for hashtag campaigns, you’ll most likely be picking between them.

Because these social channels are so distinct, picking which one is ideal for your campaign should be simple. For example, if you’re planning a picture-based hashtag campaign, you should consider Instagram. On the other hand, however, you might want to explore Twitter for a text-based hashtag campaign.

You could, however, conduct a multi-channel hashtag campaign that touches all bases and reaches a far larger audience. 

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How to Track Your Hashtag Campaign Success

After running your campaign for a while, you’ll want to monitor and track its success. It would help if you kept the following KPIs in mind:

  • Posts: How many posts did you make with the hashtag?
  • Users: How many people interacted with your post?
  • Engagements: How many likes, comments, shares, and clicks did your hashtag get?
  • Reach: How many people’s feeds did your hashtag appear on?
  • Impressions: How many people saw your hashtag?

Keeping an eye on these various metrics will assist you in determining the effectiveness of your campaign or what changes may be required to increase performance.

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How to Find the Perfect Hashtag 

A memorable hashtag is crucial for a successful hashtag marketing campaign. That necessitates originality and the development of specific campaign goals that will define the hashtag. You should also choose a bright, original hashtag that will elicit emotions from your audience.

Another tip is to adhere to the Keep-It-Short-and-Simple (KISS) principle. So, when selecting a hashtag, aim to keep it around ten characters long, but if in doubt, go for a longer but clear hashtag instead of an acronym that nobody will understand. 

Dos and Don’ts for Hashtag Campaigns 

Choosing the proper hashtag isn’t the sole factor in hashtag campaign success. You must also ensure that your marketing is favourably received by your target demographic.

So you want to accomplish the following:

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You do not want to appear offensive or insensitive, though. So give some thought to what you post and how you articulate what you’re trying to say. Check your language for racism, misogyny, transphobia, and homophobia, among other things. 


When done correctly, a good hashtag campaign can benefit your brand. So, if you’re ready to engage your audience using hashtags, you may establish a successful one by following the methods in this article.