I have an Instagram pioneer friend whose first photo in the app is her image with no head. So no, it is not an artistic kick, just a technical drawback on both sides. Back then, Instagram didn’t have many features, allowing only a 1:1 ratio for photos. And of course, my friend never was a techno guru on her part either, but she keeps the photo as a memory.

Let me remind you that back in 2010 an Instagram user could not share videos, send DMs, had to stick to square photo format, did not know what is Boomerang, AR filters, IGTV or sharing stories.

Instagram Carousel post is among its relatively new features. Launched in 2015, now it allows you to share up to 10 photos and videos in one post, which you need to swipe through to see.

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Creating an Instagram Carousel that matters!

With the Carousel feature, you don’t have to pick one among your favourite photos, but several. So if a single Instagram image is just a yummy slice of cheese, then a Carousel is 10 slices. It also allows to group photos and videos thematically and to create an immersive experience

Did you know that right when it started, the Carousel feature was coined as a major push for Facebook? The returns of Instagram Carousel can be ten times more than of a single image. As a result, businesses get higher CTRs (click-through rates) and reduce costs by showing more in one single post. Carousel is also Instagram algorithm friendly, but more on this is below. 

Step-by-step to your carousel post

Creating an Instagram Carousel is nothing difficult. Let’s see on paper what you need to do:

  1. Open the Instagram app and click Add Post (a “+” sign at the bottom of the app interface);
  2. You will see an interface of your Gallery. Click on the Multiple-Image Post iconinstagram carousels
  3. Select up to 10 images or videos in the order you want them to appear;
  4. Type on Next, look through each selected photo and edit them if necessary;instagram carousels
  5. As you finish editing, again tap on Next;
  6. Finish by writing captions, adding tags or #hashtags and click on Share;instagram carousels
  7. In the feed, the dots below the photo are the sign of a Carousel post.instagram carousels

Remember, whatever you upload should match the criteria below:

  • Number of images or videos in Carousel post: 2-10;
  • Maximum Image size: 30 MB;
  • Maximum Video size: 4 GB;
  • Video duration: 1-120 seconds;
  • Image file type: JPG or PNG;
  • Video file type: MOV, MP4,  or GIF;
  • Maximum number of characters: 2200;
  • Pro tip: If you wish all your caption to be visible at once, limit it to 125 characters.

Using Carousel Posts For Ads to Boost Your Profile! 

Have you ever noticed how Instagram shows you carousel posts more than once? For example, let’s say you saw the first photo of the carousel; later you will be shown the second photo. 

The result?

Instagram Carousel posts earn more engagements and get you higher reach!

If we get a higher reach, advertising through Instagram Carousel posts is very wise. 

PRO TIPS: Carousels are very suitable to share before-after posts, to group offered services or customer reviews, to demonstrate how to use the item you are selling, to share a recipe or making process of your product and so on! 

Creating Instagram Carousel Ads

To create Instagram Carousel Ads, you need to be using Instagram for business accounts and have a corresponding business page on Facebook. What is more, you set up Facebook Ads Manager! It’s another blog post’s topic, yet briefly, all you need to do afterwards is:

  • Go to Ads Manager;
  • Click + Create in the top-left corner;
  • Don’t forget about the objective, target audience and other technicalities;
  • Follow to Ad Setup and select Carousel;
  • Choose Instagram Feed from the formatting toolbar. 
  • In the Ad Creative section, select images or videos you want to upload. At this point, you can add a headline, website URL and a description; 
  • Once again, check your placement, add information in the Tracking section (if applicable) and click on Publish!

instagram carousels ADS MANAGER

Requirements for your ad posts match the general Carousel post requirements mentioned above.

When creating an ad, don’t forget to target each group of audiences separately. Moreover, know that copy is as important as the image, and don’t be afraid to mix video and image content. Finally, intrigue your viewers and write down clear, achievable and relevant CTA.

Making Your Instagram Carousel Posts Clickable

If you have never paid attention to it, here is the thing: there are good and bad times to post on Instagram. For instance, in the UK, the best time to post on Instagram is weekends, particularly on Saturday at 11 am. You can also check apps like Tailwind to schedule your posts at the best moment of the day!

Of course, to make your Carousel posts more rewarding, you can use paid Instagram promotions. Nevertheless, don’t forget about the popular tools like giveaways, collaborations with other influencers and user-generated content that can be shared and reshared! 

Nowadays, social media apps are very well integrated. So boom!!! All you have to do is going beyond just one platform using the given features of those apps and increasing your engagement for free! 

Creating Unique Instagram Carousel Posts

For your Carousel Posts to be attractive, you need to be able to define your uniqueness. Additionally, you need to know your audience. So now, let’s see how we can highlight those elements. 

Emm, telling the truth, you need to be a little talented to create alluring images and videos. However, if you want to grow your business, you might want to invest in a designer, SMM manager and others. 

Otherwise, apps like Canva, SwipeMix, SCRL can offer you templates for Instagram Carousel Posts! 

Seamless Instagram Carousel Post

And a cherry over the cake for the Carousel Post is seamless carousel posts.

instagram carousels

A seamless carousel post is like one big image split into several parts and made into a carousel post. It is a great tool to keep your viewer engaged in your post longer. 

There are many apps online you can use to create a seamless carousel post, like PickMonkey, Canva, SCRL and more. But you can also make one in Photoshop:

  • Create a canvas (the optimal ratio for your photos on Instagram is 5×4 (1350x1080px). If you want to include five images in your carousel, then the ratio of your canvas will be 1350×5400);

instagram carousels photoshop

  • Insert images into just created 1350×5400 canvas;
  • Place them in the order you want them to appear;
  • Go to Crop tool and select Slice tool under it;
  • Divide canvas into five parts while also matching slices to 1080px;
  • Click on File →Export →Save for Web→Save in JPEG.

In case it looks very sophisticated to you, go to www.fiverr.com and find a designer who can create a seamless carousel starting from £3.82

Pro Tip: Look into a strategy of following the events around your target audience and using popular daily hashtags in your posts to enhance your engagement. 

In conclusion, when I was a kid, I used to listen to a Russian song, which said 

“Carousel, Carousel, it is a happiness for us”. I associate carousels with something amusing, and I am sure it is valid for most of us. So why not use the Instagram Carousel feature to bring positive vibes into our timelines!