The world of logistics is changing, particularly as new technology is being incorporated into the market. With the rise of new technology, as well as the ever increasing volume of global trade, there are more and more new logistics firms entering the market.

Whether this is a freight forwarder, haulage company, courier, or inbound/outbound logistics manager, it is important to adapt to new developments in the market.

The importance of ecommerce to all logistics firms is clear. And ecommerce is an online game. Therefore, a logistics company must have an active online presence. And this means a presence on social media.

Isn’t social media just for B2C businesses? 

No. As companies look for new partners, they will carry out most of their research online before making a choice. This includes looking at social media pages to check for any recent activity. Recent Facebook posts, tweets and LinkedIn shares show to the potential suitor that this company is active on social media, which:

– Legitimises a business and provides authority

– Raises brand awareness and strengthens brand

– Connects a business with potential customers

– Keeps a business competitive

If a business isn’t on social media or hasn’t been active this suggests that the business isn’t concerned about modern technology, or could even look like it’s no longer operating.

What should a logistics company post on their social media pages?

Think about why people or other businesses might follow a particular business page. It is because they are interested in that particular industry. And this means valuable content to them will be news updates from the logistics sector.

Sharing blog posts from the company website is also interesting but a logistics business should avoid too much self-promotion of their services. It’s not engaging for current followers and won’t be effective.

How often should a logistics company make social media posts?

Daily! Logistics is a fast moving sector and there’s lots of industry news to keep followers up-to-date with. A logistics firm can become an authority in their particular niche of the logistics industry by becoming a valuable source for sector news. In turn, this can lead to new customers.

How can a logistics firm post every day?

Social media is time consuming. There’s no getting around that. And it’s not always practical or possible to dedicate a member of staff to being responsible for social media posts. While social media tools like Hootsuite and Buffer can help to speed up posting, it still takes time to do.

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