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You might be wondering what social media updates for August 2021 is. I know the feeling of keeping track of client deliverables, changing your company structure, and staying up with the constantly evolving social media landscape. 

We have listed below August’s social media updates for the major social media sites, giving you insight into social networks.

August 2021 social media updates and news

Clubhouse’s social media updates

The Clubhouse is not just for invitees. 

Anybody may join the audio-only app, and no one will need an invitation with the latest release of the Android version.

Every day, Clubhouse claims 600,000 active rooms. 

Clubhouse just reported that its active rooms stay stable and grow in popularity among its members.

LinkedIn’s social media updates

The LinkedIn Grad’s Guide to Getting Hired in 2021 is now available

LinkedIn prepared a study covering industry trends, top jobs, and more to help graduates find the perfect career despite the uncertainty.

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LinkedIn now includes reviews and ratings for user

LinkedIn is introducing a new preview feature to its professional services listings. This feature will provide you with another opportunity to showcase the quality of your professional abilities in your LinkedIn profile information.

Facebook’s social media updates

Facebook now has a prayer request feature

Facebook now enables group members to share prayer posts to which other group members can react by clicking “pray”.


Facebook has added new features.

This month is the tenth anniversary of Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger was first released as a standalone app in 2011 as part of Facebook’s more significant effort to dominate the social communications market.

Facebook has introduced a slew of new Messenger features to evoke a festive atmosphere. Facebook did it while introducing entirely new capabilities to encourage more message engagement and use.

Facebook has added reels to its main app

As TikTok grows in popularity, Facebook is looking for new methods to slow it down. For example, the most recent effort is Facebook Reels. Facebook Reels will allow users to create and share Instagram Reels inside the main Facebook app.

Instagram social media updates

Swipe-Up Links for Stories are being phased out, and Link Stickers will take their place

Instagram is changing how external links are shared inside Stories frames as part of its continuing attempt to enhance interactivity. The existing ‘Swipe up’ links will be eliminated from the process altogether and replaced with a new ‘Link’ sticker option instead.


Instagram has introduced additional protections for users under the age of 16.

Users who are under the age of 16 will have their profiles set to private by default. In addition, other measures have been added to Instagram for the safety of younger users from undesirable connections that approach them via comments or private messaging.

Pinterest’s social media updates

Pinterest takes a stand for body acceptance by prohibiting weight-loss ads on the platform.

The platform prohibited all advertisements and images featuring weight reduction language as of July 1, 2021. As a result, instead of focusing on weight reduction, all advertisements should promote a healthy lifestyle. 


Pinterest has launched Shoppable video pins to allow content creators to monetise their work.

If you’re a Pinterest content producer, you may now monetise your video pins with affiliate links from companies. Keep in mind that the functionality is presently accessible to content producers on the site for Idea Pins.

Twitter social media updates

Co-hosts are now accessible on Twitter Spaces.

Users will be able to add co-hosts to their audio-only experience on Twitter Spaces. Moreover, any co-host may assist with various tasks, including inviting speakers, removing participants, pinning tweets, managing requests, and more.

Twitter’s Fleets are leaving.

As you probably already know, the Fleets function has failed to gain traction among consumers since its launch in May of 2020. As a consequence, starting August 3, 2021, Twitter’s Story-like feature will be phased off.


The platform is developing a ‘Leave This Conversation’ option 

Twitter is working on the next step of its interaction management features.  The new ‘Leave This Conversation’ option is in beta, for now, letting users avoid unpleasant conversations.

Snapchat’s social media updates

Snapchatters will be able to create 3D Bitmojis using Snapchat accounts

On and off the network, Snapchatters may now build 3D BitMoji avatars for their accounts and creative expression. Users may choose from over 1,200 different backgrounds, emotions, gestures, and more to make their Bitmoji as unique as they want.

WhatsApp social media updates

A New Option to Transfer Chat Data Between Android and iOS Devices.

Users will finally be able to transfer their entire conversation history across Android and iOS devices.


Disappearing Images and Videos in WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp follows Snapchat’s lead and introduces a new vanishing picture and video option. This method will let them see these visual components auto-erase once they’ve been accessed. And this option will give another privacy choice to users.

YouTube’s social media updates

It is experimenting with a subscription approach for the middle tier.

YouTube Studio has received several improvements to give more information, expand administration choices, and enhance artists’ management tool use.


Video chapter listings in search results

The platform aims to improve its in-app search capabilities by adding new video chapters inside search results. 

TikTok’s social media updates

TikTok is experimenting with even longer video uploads 

Some TikTok users may now post movies up to 5 minutes long to the app. This might lead to a significant change in platform use.

TikTok Introduces a New Shopify Shop Tab for Merchant Profiles 

TikTok has launched a new Shopify merchant profile extension.


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