Instagram Guides are excellent for spreading curated, scrollable content to your network. They give users an easy way to consume a variety of Instagram posts, locations, or places in a digestible format.

The rest of this article will teach you more about Instagram Guides and how to use them as a marketing tool. You’ll also learn how to come up with practical Instagram Guides ideas.

What Are Instagram Guides?

Instagram Guides resemble a mini-blog that exists just on Instagram. They let users scroll through a blog post-like flow of content that has been carefully selected. 

You can use them to compile various material, including product highlights, gift guides, FAQs Guides, content roundups, itineraries, restaurant reviews, and much more. 

They stand apart from other Instagram features since you may collect the products, feed posts, or locations from different Instagram accounts and combine them with your commentary.

Thanks to Instagram Guides, users can quickly find and share suggestions, advice, and content from independent creators, smaller businesses, and established brands.

Instagram Guides Analytics 

Right now, the best way to gauge the success of your Instagram Guides is to examine your account’s overall engagement. That includes the number of likes, comments, and shares on your posts and any new followers you gain. 

Seeing a spike in any of these metrics after you publish a Guide is a good sign that people are enjoying your content and finding it helpful.

Are Instagram Guides private? 

If you own a business and have your own Instagram profile, you should be aware that once a guide is created, it will be available to users at any time under your profile’s public tab. To increase visibility, you may also publish it on your Instagram Story.

Are Instagram Guides worth it? 

Instagram Guides are an excellent tool for categorising your content and making it easy for your followers to find. They’re worthwhile if you want to breathe new life into old content or make your content easier to navigate.

How to use Instagram Guides For Businesses and Beginners 

Instagram Guides are a valuable tool for sharing informative content, how-to guides, marketing advice, trip suggestions, and frequently asked questions. 

Therefore, if you’re a business owner or a novice, there are plenty of ways you can use Guides on Instagram to help promote your business. Here are just a few ideas:

Make a ranking list 

This is a great way to promote your products or services and to get people talking about your brand. You can create a list of your top products, services, or top 10 tips for running a successful business.

Share a brand or message story

People love stories, so why not share your brand’s story on Instagram? You can also use Guides to share inspiring messages that resonate with your audience.

Make a step-by-step guide

If you have a product or service that people need to know how to use, Instagram Guides are the perfect platform to share that information. You can provide step-by-step instructions or even create a video tutorial.

Shoutout to prominent individuals in your industry

One great way to promote your business on Instagram is to shout out to others in your industry who are doing great things. It not only helps to promote their business, but it also helps to build relationships with other businesses in your industry.

Types of Instagram Guides

If you want to highlight your product, offer travel advice, or simply organise your material together, Instagram offers you three different Guide styles. The three categories of Instagram Guides are as follows:

Place Instagram Guides 

Place guides can help you compile a list of specific places to showcase your top destinations, offer travel advice, or distribute local knowledge. 

With the help of the places you’ve previously tagged or saved and those from the Instagram library, you may make a place guide. Even if you’re not the original creator, you can still highlight publicly available postings with that specific location.

Product Instagram Guides

This kind of Instagram guide enables you to connect to goods in your IG Shop so that customers can quickly find and purchase such items. These are excellent for producing product suggestions, buying guides, or promotions for new product launches.

Post Instagram Guides 

Using this Instagram guide, you can combine posts you’ve written or saved into a single, well-organized collection. Creating post guides is a fantastic method to select material and make it a valuable resource for your audience

Use them to distribute instructional material, offer how-to manuals, or respond to frequently requested inquiries.

How to make a Guide on Instagram 

To create a Guide, go to your IG profile page and click the + sign. Then select the Guide Type you wish to make by clicking on the “Guide” option at the base of the list. 

After clicking this, you can select between places, products, and posts. The next step will solely depend on the Guide you’re planning to create. 

How to create a Place Guide 

  • Choose the location: You can search for a new place or select one from your saved post. 
  • Select the images you want to add to your Guide, then tap “next.”
  • Add a title, change your cover page (optional), and add a description (you should use relevant keywords here to drive traffic to your Guide). 
  • Once you’re ready to post, click “Next” and review the preview to see if they are perfect. Then tap on “share” to make it accessible to your followers. 

How to create a Product Guide

  • Search for any product you want, then select it. 
  • Select the posts you want to add, then click “Next”. (NOTE: Product tags are added to each product you add to the Guide) 
  • Add a title and change the cover photo (this is optional) 
  • Give an in-depth description of what the Guide is about.
  • Assess the preview before sharing the Guide with the public. 

How to create a Post Guide

  • Select your existing post or a saved post.
  • Add a catchy title that relates to your Guide (NOTE: you will need to add a title for each post)
  • Then add a cover page (NOTE: adding a cover page is optional) 
  • Give an accurate description of the Guide in the description space below. (NOTE: you can also describe each post you added to the Guide) 
  • Analyse the preview before uploading your Guide. 

Real-Life Instagram Guides Examples Created by Other Brands

Instagram Guides are a great way to showcase your products or services and to get your brand noticed. And some brands are killing it when it comes to Instagram Guides.

Here are some IG Guides examples of popular brands that use Instagram Guides:

Buzzfeed Tasty

Buzzfeedtasty is a food-focused account that creates short, engaging videos. And their Instagram Guides are no different. They’ve got Guides on everything from making the perfect grilled cheese to the best ice cream sundaes.

Beats by Dre

Beats by Dre is a famous headphones brand, and they’re using Instagram Guides to show off their products. Their Guides feature unboxing videos, product demonstrations, and even celebrity endorsements.

The Honest Company

The Honest Company is a natural and organic beauty and baby care brand. And their Instagram Guides are all about showcasing their products and highlighting the benefits of using natural and organic products.


Instagram Guides are one of the newest Instagram trends. Guides are an excellent way to share your knowledge and expertise on a particular subject. They’re also perfect for showcasing your personality and sense of style.

So, if you are new to Instagram, need a little boost for your business, or need some inspiration on getting started with your account, then read through our list and discover some fantastic Instagram Guides examples.